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It is very important to get checked out after your accident whether you have noticed any changes in your health or not. You may already be experiencing symptoms, but it is common for soreness, stiffness and other pain to take several weeks to surface after the inflammation in the muscles starts to go down. Because it can take several weeks for symptoms to occur, it can be difficult to realize that your discomfort is a result of your accident. If untreated, your injury will only get worse. Untreated auto accident injuries can result in a lifetime of chronic pain.

Auto accidents cause most cases of whiplash. Whiplash is a type of neck injury that occurs due to a forceful extension of the neck, often caused by a rear-end or side impact auto accident. Most people assume that whiplash injuries only occur during high-speed accidents, but they can be caused by a change in the speed of just 2-3 mph. Although symptoms of whiplash vary among patients, most people will feel some sort of pain or stiffness.

Symptoms From an Auto Accident

You may notice signs and symptoms right after the collision or it may take some time. Some people experience neck pain and stiffness, or even dizziness, headaches and back pain immediately. Other times, whiplash-related injuries take more time to show up. Chiropractic doctors specialize in the treatment of whiplash and other auto-accident related injuries and pain.

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