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As a TRICARE Partner, we want to help our active military, veterans, and their families! Let us help you live free from pain and sign up now to receive a FREE Pain Relief Exam & Regenerative Treatment –  $70 Value.

Reserve your FREE Pain Relief Exam & Regenerative Treatment ($70 Value)

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    Common Ailments We Treat

    Pain can make it nearly impossible to get out of bed, go to work or even enjoy day to day activities, Belleview Spine and Wellness is here to help! If you are suffering from any of the following ailments on click the button below to reserve your spot for a FREE Pain Relief Exam and Regenerative Treatment, normally a $70 value.

    What Will Happen If Left Untreated? 

    Nothing is more painful and crippling than the persistent knee, hip or shoulder pain. Unfortunately, any damage to the ligaments, cartilage or bone by way of injury or disease can cause severe pain and difficulty walking or partaking in your favorite activities. If you are ignoring your ongoing symptoms NOW it will have a negative impact on your health LATER.

    To help you return to the activities that you love, Dr. Gibson and our expert team at Belleview Spine and Wellness now offer Regenerative Medicine, based on a 21st-century therapeutic procedure to help alleviate your shoulder, hip, and knee pains without relying on complex surgical procedures or medication.

    The whole procedure takes approximately 30 minutes and has no known adverse side effects. Regenerative Medicine Therapy is one of the safest and most advanced approaches to treating a wide variety of injuries and diseases within the human body. Patients recovering from injuries will rapidly improve exhibiting greater mobility and less pain, compared to the lengthy and exhaustive period of post-surgical healing and rehabilitation.

    We’re a TRICARE PARTNER and we want to help our active military, veterans, and their families live a pain-free life. We’re giving away a FREE Pain Relief Exam and Regenerative Medicine Treatment, normally $70 but will be zero out of pocket to you. Click below to reserve your spot today!

    Why Belleview Spine and Wellness?

    No Wait Policy

    All of our patients are seen immediately.


    Large private treatment rooms.

    Near You

    Conveniently located in Colorado Springs.

    Here To Help

    We accept M.D. and attorney referrals.


    What People Are Saying About Us…

    “Dr. Gibson is the best chiropractor I have ever seen! Not only is he is extremely knowledgeable and great at what he does, but he is a wonderful person. I cannot recommend Belleview Chiropractic and Dr. Gibson enough!”

    – Debbie H.

    “Personalized and Science driven state of the art care! PROFESSIONALS here who actually understand how to administer and practice rehabilitative and restorative medical practices in an applied setting!”

    – Regina S.

    “Dr. Gibson and the team are just amazing. We always feel welcomed and that we are part of the family. Highest recommendations for Belleview Spine and Wellness”

    – Joe A. 

    What We Can Do To Help?

    “Growing up as an Army brat, I am dedicated to serving active military, veterans, and their families! We will remove the cause of your pain and get you back to the life you love. Our REGENERATIVE MEDICINE therapy removes injuries and diseases by regenerating your tissue and repairing the damage that’s causing your pain. My offer to you and your family is a FREE Pain Relief Exam – Regenerative Medicine Therapy normally $70, to help you live free from Knee Pain, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, and other ailments and conditions.”

    -Dr. Donald Gibson


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