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3 Mistakes People Make After Their Accident – Hanson Chiro

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What You Need to Know


1. Know Your Insurance Coverage

After an accident if you are at fault or not you likely have coverage.  You want to get your car fixed and know you need to get that ball rolling right away to assure you get it taken care of.  While your vehicle is in the shop, you should receive a rental car until it is repaired or until your are offered a settlement for a totaled car.  It is even more important to make sure you are ok physically after the accident.  Chiropractic care, Massage, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy and other treatments are normally covered after an accident.  Spinal related injuries like whiplash can be quickly resolved by an Accident Specialist.  Property in your vehicle that was damaged can also be covered.  With proper coverage, you can be entitled to a cash settlement for your injuries, loss of work, and inconveniences from the accident. Click here to reserve your free massage and auto accident evaluation.

2. Get Evaluated Right Away

Many people try and  “tough it out” or just don’t get checked out after their accident.  Pain is subjective and even so can take several days or weeks to surface after the inflammation subsides.  As a result soreness, discomfort, stiffness and other aches and pains are often attributed to working out, moving something, sleeping wrong or other activities, but in fact are caused from the accident.  ALWAYS get evaluated by an accident specialist after an accident!  They know what to look for and can provide quick recovery. The longer you wait to get treated, the harder full recovery can become due to scar tissue setting in.  PLUS if you want to long it is likely any potential insurance coverage will be denied and if you health insurance finds out your injuries are from an accident they may deny coverage. Click here to reserve your free massage and auto accident evaluation.

3. Treat the Problem, Not the Pain

Pain is body’s check engine light.  If you had a new car under warranty, you wouldn’t put a piece of tape over your check engine light.  Nor would you ignore a check engine light on your car if you were going to take a road trip.  Masking your pain with pain meds doesn’t solve the problem.  You only have a few weeks after an accident to have your injuries documented to assure you have coverage for your injuries.  The body is great at healing and avoiding pain. We will walk or sit different or avoid activities that cause discomfort.  Headaches/Migraines, Back Pain, Whiplash, Numbness, Tingling and many other symptoms after an accident will not get better on their own. Click here to reserve your free massage and auto accident evaluation.

Call (425) 355-3739 or fill out the form today to set up an immediate FREE AUTO ACCIDENT INJURY EVALUATION or to learn more about our services. Our chiropractic doctors want to decrease the pain and symptoms of your auto accident injuries as quickly as possible. Click here to reserve your free massage and auto accident evaluation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

10 Reasons To Be Examined After Your Auto Accident

  1. You might be injured and not know it.
  2. Injuries — such as whiplash — might not show symptoms for hours, days or weeks later.
  3. Medical professionals all agree that the first 72 hours after an accident are the most critical and a time when treatment can be the most effective.
  4. The majority of injuries from auto accidents occur at speeds between 6-12 MPH. Your car might not show much damage, but that does not mean your body is fine.
  5. A soft-tissue injury is permanent, as scar tissue forms in your muscles, leaving them less flexible and prone to re-injury. Treatment can improve your chances of a full recovery.
  6. Statistics show, the longer you wait for treatment after your auto accident, the longer it takes to heal and the more treatments you will require.
  7. If you are injured, your injuries usually will not heal correctly on their own.
  8. If you act quickly, you preserve your legal rights. One Dallas attorney listed, “Get prompt medical treatment”, as the most important thing you can do after an accident. Otherwise, you might get benefits denied or limited.
  9. In most cases, treatment can cost you nothing out of pocket, even if the accident was your fault or you don’t have any health insurance.
  10. Even if you are uninjured, you can sleep better knowing you had an extensive exam by an auto accident medical professional. Click here to reserve your free massage and auto accident evaluation.

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